Genuine Ozark Quotes

(Warning: this page contains obscene and violent language.)

"Hey you motherf*cker, I'm going to kill you tonight. You're going to die, Dr. B. Piece of sh*t! Get in your car, and get out of town, you worthless son of a bitch. Dr. C*cks*cker, calling Dr. C*cks*cker. Piece of sh*t! Motherf*cking son of a bitch! Psycho, sick motherf*cker. Sick whore, Mary's a whore. Psychotic bitch! Get the f*ck back to New York. Sick son of a bitch! Sick bastard! Hey! Sick motherf*cker! Kike! Die! Die!"(listen to this on the Death Threat page)
- Alleged meth addict/suspect with history of violent behavior who is being protected by political, Masonic, KKK connections in the local, state, and federal government, especially a local state senator.

"The death threat is a hate crime, ethnic intimidation, and assault. It is dangerous and violent, and should be prosecuted by the government. However, due to cronyism and corruption, your pursuit of justice is hopeless, and your life is in danger."
- Anti-Defamation League

"Mr. B., I hope you pack your sh*t up and move to a different f*cking state." (listen to this on the Death Threat page)
- Barry County Deputy Sheriff who took the police call the night of the death threat

"Dr. B., the death threat is not a big deal. I understand how you feel, because I have a big nose, and some people think I'm Jewish."
- Senior Circuit Judge in Barry County

"Jeff doesn't belong here."
- Barry County Sheriff

"Our official investigation confirmed your evidence that your circuit judge made anti-Semitic remarks about Jeff, and tampered with a drug witness in your civil rights lawsuit. I contacted the Judicial Commission, the Attorney General, the FBI, and the US Attorney, but none of them will take any action. Your civil rights have been violated, and you should contact the media. It's an embarrassment being a resident of the state."
- Director, Missouri Ethics Commission

"My brother is the circuit judge; he is a compulsive gambler; and he doesn't like Hispanics. He and the State Senator are committing estate fraud against helpless, elderly people, including my mother."
- Sister of Circuit Judge

"Your civil rights have been violated, and you should contact the media."
- Deputy Director of Missouri Commission on Human Rights

"Your pursuit of justice is hopeless, and your lives are in danger."
- Community Relations Bureau, U.S. Department of Justice

"There is very strong anti-Black, anti-Mexican, and anti-Jewish feeling in southwest Missouri."
- State Representative from Barry County

"I was startled by the blatant prejudice against African-Americans that I heard during my six weeks of travel throughout the Ozarks."
- Editorial Staff, National Geographic Magazine

"Branson is Nashville without n*ggers."
- Ozarks Attorney

"The people here hate Jews and Blacks. They think the Jews are the devil, and they say n*gger don't be in town when the sun goes down."
- Barry County Resident

"Blacks are so different that I just can't stand them. I can't help it, I hate them. My Doberman pinscher, Lady, used to terrorize Blacks. I really enjoyed that. I can tolerate Mexicans -- I even have some Mexicans working for me -- but I just can't tolerate Blacks."
- Barry County Real Estate Agent

"This place (southwest Missouri) is hell on earth. This area is definitely anti-Semitic. Two Jewish professors have been harassed, and many professors are desperately trying to transfer to another university."
- Professor in Springfield, Missouri

"I play my Jewishness down. I'm not out looking for trouble when I don’t have to find it."
- Springfield, Missouri, Radio Talk-Show Host

"A judge in a courtroom in Springfield called me a wop-bastard."
- Sicilian-American Resident of Southwest Missouri

"As the sixth whitest city in America, Springfield has enclave racism and attracts a lot of white-supremacist hate groups. Springfield has a tight circle of powerful lawyers, who promote a myth that Springfield is a wonderful place, and that it is a privilege to live here. No civil rights cases are ever allowed to progress."
- Professor in Springfield, Missouri

"No local jury will find for an outsider like Jeff."
- Barry County Prosecutor

"Sell your house, move away, and get on with your life."
- Barry County Prosecutor (who conducted an anti-Semitic kangaroo court) and Senior Legal Advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq

"You're in the South now. This is not a haven for minorities."
- Barry County Prosecutor and Stone County Attorney

"Barry County has a reputation for real estate fraud. You've been good-ol'-boyed."
- Lawrence County Real Estate Appraiser

"You've made a lot of people angry at you. It's time for you to get out of Dodge."
- Barry County Process Server and Private Investigator

"Don't give Jeff a docket update on his case when he calls."
- Barry County Court Clerk instructing a new Court Clerk

"If you work at the Barry County Courthouse and have a conscience or morals, you're going to have a lot of heartache. You get a distinct feeling at the Courthouse that something is very wrong."
- Barry County Court Clerk

"Barry County has the stench of corruption. Jim Crow is alive and well in Southest Missouri."
- Pastor in Southwest Missouri

"The people here are all in cahoots. They'll never let you get justice."
- Barry County Resident

"You've been home-towned."
- Springfield, Missouri, Assistant Attorney General

"You're victims of organized crime, and they're being protected."
- Barry County Deputy Sheriff

"The people who've cheated and harrassed you are connected to the KKK and the Ozark or Dixie Mafia."
- Barry County Bailiff

"The Missouri Supreme Court and Attorney General refuse to deal with civil rights violations in the Ozarks."
- Civil Rights Expert

"I could have told you this would happen to you if you moved here."
- HUD Attorney

"Southwest Missouri is a right-wing anarchy. You'll never get justice here."
- Ozarks Civil Rights Attorney

"Southwest Missouri is second only to Idaho as a hotbed of anti-Semitism and hate groups. "
- PhD in Religion and Minister of Assembly of God

"No lawyer from Missouri can handle this case. You have to find a lawyer from a thousand miles away to come here and take the place apart."
- Ozarks Attorney and Law School Professor

"Southwest Missouri is notoriously referred to as the methamphetamine mecca."
- Springfield News-Leader

"My husband is a highway patrolman, and we live in Springfield. One day, he took me on a drive through Springfield, and pointed out all the big houses. Each time, he said that the big house belonged to a drug dealer."
- Wife of Missouri Highway Patrolman

"I'm surprised by all the meth labs here. It has to do with politics, not law enforcement."
- Barry County Resident

"Meth is a cottage industry in the Ozarks."
- Ozarks Attorney

"If you don't stop talking about drugs, you're going to wake up with your eyes shut."
- Barry County Resident

"A few years ago, there were drug wars here, but now all the drug turf has been settled, and the bodies are at the bottom of the lake. If they ever empty the lake, they'll be doing murder investigations for a hundred years."
- Barry County Deputy Sheriff

"You're like a small dog with a big bark. If you weren't talking about this, they would have already hurt you."
- Barry County Deputy Sheriff

"Maybe you have discovered the roots of a very large tree, and something could happen to you like happened to Karen Silkwood."
- Barry County Attorney (33rd degree Mason)

"Blacks shouldn't even be fishing here, let alone doing civil rights investigations. Don't worry about the death threat, Jeff. Most death threats aren't carried out."
- Ozarks FBI Agent (32nd degree Mason)

"The Masons are very powerful in southwest Missouri, and many of the public officials are Masons. It's a secret organization, and they protect each other."
- Barry County Pastor

"The Masons have had a long-standing anti-Semitic view and they have a lot of influence here. They are a very powerful group; they are anti-Black and anti-Semitic. The more remote areas outside of Springfield are much worse."
- Professor in Springfield, Missouri

"If you buy a house in southwest Missouri, you'll be defrauded. And if you go into court about it, you'll be defrauded again. I have all your evidence, but my editor told me that we can't write a story about it....I've read your brief and it does a great job of summing things up."
- Newspaper Reporter, Kansas City, Missouri

"No questions about your well-written, well-argued briefs. I'm amazed at your research; in the event that your case takes a long time to plod along you should write an article or two for legal journals, or, hell, even a book. Even if by dumb luck, your case must eventually come before an honest and interested judge."
- Newspaper Publisher in Southwest Missouri

"NPR in Springfield knows about the corruption here, but we can't report on it, because we're employees of the state."
- NPR Announcer, Springfield, Missouri