Death Threat & Deputy Cursing

(Warning: this page contains obscene and violent language.)

On April 11, 1997, Jeff and Mary's next-door neighbor, "Bob," threatened to kill them. Bob is an alleged meth addict/dealer with a history of violent behavior, and political, Masonic, KKK connections. Bob had been harassing them daily with cursing, vulgar and obscene gestures, reckless driving, gunshots, and fires since 1995, so Jeff and Mary were prepared and managed to capture his death threat on audiotape.

Bob is the son of the people who defrauded Jeff and Mary in their real estate transaction with a forged real estate disclosure form that fraudulently concealed the fact that Jeff and Mary's house had been built illegally on government land. Bob's parents told Jeff and Mary that Bob is their "Doberman pinscher." Bob's father asked Jeff and Mary, "If you knew someone was manufacturing drugs, would you report him?" Bob's father likes to brag that he is a descendant of the infamous Dalton gang.

The Anti-Defamation League urged the local, state, and federal government to prosecute Bob for a hate crime, ethnic intimidation, and assault, but the government refused. Local law enforcement was uncooperative with ADL and overtly hostile towards Jeff and Mary. First, the deputy who went to Jeff and Mary's house the night of the death threat, later cursed Jeff on the phone. Second, the local FBI agent claimed he couldn't understand the audiotaped death threat and couldn't reach Jeff and Mary on the phone. He also joked about civil rights and told Jeff not to worry, because "most death threats aren't carried out."

Bob was never prosecuted and continued to harass Jeff and Mary with impunity. He shot at their house, started fires near their house, cursed them, stalked them, tried to drive them off the road, and even harassed them in a series of anti-Semitic kangaroo courts. He bragged about his harassment to the community, which supported him and ostracized Jeff and Mary. Bob, his family, and the community waged a war of attrition against Jeff and Mary.

None of Jeff and Mary's attorneys ever interrogated Bob about his harassment, $1.5 million income, drug activities, or criminal history, or ever filed a motion for a protective order. Bob's attorney is the brother of the circuit judge, who allegedly called a crucial drug witness to influence his testimony and make anti-Semitic remarks about Jeff. Like Bob, the circuit judge was never prosecuted. According to a Deputy Sheriff, Bob's parents know about search warrants in advance, because they are being protected by their attorney who is a State Senator.

This page includes two audio clips: 1) Jeff and Mary's neighbor, "Bob," and his 4/11/97 death threat and 2) the Barry County deputy and his 8/7/97 cursing Jeff on the phone. Each audio clip includes a transcript and a control panel.

Transcript of Bob's death threat:
"Hey you motherf*cker, I'm going to kill you tonight. You're going to die, Dr. B. Piece of sh*t! Get in your car, and get out of town, you worthless son of a bitch. Dr. C*cks*cker, calling Dr. C*cks*cker. Piece of sh*t! Motherf*cking son of a bitch! Psycho, sick motherf*cker. Sick whore, Mary's a whore. Psychotic bitch! Get the f*ck back to New York. Sick son of a bitch! Sick bastard! [one minute of Bob banging on his deck] Hey! Sick motherf*cker! Kike! Die! Die!"

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Jeff and Mary captured Bob's death threat with a small tape recorder from inside their house, while Bob shouted from his house 100 ft. away.

Transcript of Barry County deputy cursing:
"Mr. B., I hope you pack your sh*t up and move to a different f*cking state."

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Prior to cursing Jeff and Mary on the phone, this deputy covered up Bob's death threat by describing it in a police report as harrassment, rather than ethnic intimidation, assault, and a hate crime, as ADL repeatedly requested. Also, this deputy is the nephew of the Barry County prosecutor who refused to prosecute Bob for his death threat against Jeff and Mary, because "No local jury will find for an outsider like Jeff."