Ozarkopathy (O-zark-OP-athee) is a neologism that means "sickness of the Ozarks" and refers to the extreme social pathology of the Ozark Mountain Region. This pathology includes bigotry, fraud, drugs, violence, extortion, conspiracy, corruption, and organized crime, especially the Ozark or Dixie Mafia. Unfortunately, this pathology is not well-known and catches many people by surprise, especially since this pathology is carefully camouflaged by a veneer of folksy sincerity and religiosity. The purpose of this website is to publicize the dangers of the Ozarks and the plight of its many, helpless, frightened victims, most of whom are naive outsiders and minorities. The message of this website is: beware of the Ozarks, or avoid them altogether.

Ozarkopathy.org was written and created by Jeff and Mary who bought a house in the Missouri Ozarks in 1994. As a result of this simple transaction, they became victims of a violent and dangerous conspiracy of real estate-title insurance fraud, anti-Semitic hate crimes, drug corruption, and kangaroo courts involving perjury, forgery, witness tampering, covert Masonic membership/influence, and courtroom harassment; all of which was systematically covered up by the local, state, and federal government, as if this were just par for the course.

The Anti-Defamation League tried to help Jeff and Mary, but nothing could be accomplished. After ADL investigated the anti-Semitic hate crimes, the police cursed Jeff and Mary, and the FBI slandered Blacks and joked about civil rights. ADL gave up and told Jeff and Mary that their lives are in danger and their pursuit of justice is hopeless. This sentiment was echoed by a few honest state and federal public officials, who advised Jeff and Mary to contact the media. Then Jeff and Mary's private investigator suddenly disappeared, after testifying under oath that the circuit judge tampered with a witness in Jeff and Mary's lawsuit, and that the Masons and Shriners are involved.

Jeff and Mary met other victims of the Ozarks. Each one had a horror story, and each one was abandoned by the media and the government. The media refuse to criticize the Ozarks, and the government refuses to regulate the Ozarks. So each victim becomes David fighting an army of Goliaths. And victims have to learn about the Ozarks the hard way. The Ozarks are a snakepit, federal fiefdom, banana republic, narco-state, kudzu of corruption, and sanctuary for organized crime, in which victims belatedly find out that they have no civil rights and never receive any justice no matter how much evidence they have. Tragically, many of these victims face bankruptcy, homelessness, incarceration, and death.

Ozarkopathy.org is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit human rights organization that exposes the hate, hypocrisy, and injustice of the Ozarks with facts, audio, poetry, satire, cartoons, and Affidavit & Goliath, which includes the Goliath Chart. Ozarkopathy.org is dedicated to all victims of the Ozarks -- past, present, and future.

(Warning: some pages contain obscene and violent language.)